"Why President Coolidge Never Ate His Thanksgiving Raccoon" Discussion Thread

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Raccoon meat is greasy, foul tasting and tough if not prepared properly. The preparation process is a lengthy ordeal and still doesn’t guarantee a palatable meal. Don’t forget, raccoons are rather endearing and I can understand the reluctance to eat an animal that many take as pets. Given the choice, I’d take turkey over raccoon for any meal.

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I remember raccoon meat being sold in Baltimore’s Lexington Market when I was growing up in the 1960’s. It might still be sold there now.

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My comic response to this article. :smile:

Although raccoons & many other animals harbor the Baylisascarial parasite, it’s very dangerous to humans, causing eye, brain, other organ damage/death.
Raccoons use ‘latrines’ with piles of contaminated feces; children occ. ‘play’ with older piles since the dried up fecal matter reduces to dried dusty material; & we know little boys love to play with dirt & dust.

Apparently raccoon meat can be properly cooked to kill parasites likely in the critter.
Eating raw meats, seafood, etc., automatically
enrolls the diner in the Darwin Award Program.
Dan Olson, MD (ret’d pathologist)


Cooked, raw… won’t catch me eating it. :neutral_face::nauseated_face::expressionless: