Wondering why Im not finding waterfalls

Is there any reason why I don’t see anyone adding some of the amazing waterfalls that can be found? Is there any reason why I shouldn’t submit all the ones we have found?

Many AO entries focusing on waterfalls already exist. You can find them here:

Thanks, I know there are thousands of them, and as I was browsing through “Maine” entries, I didn’t see a single one, and I’ve been to dozens of them up there, I was wondering if I could enter them. Thanks!

Hey @brandybacon! Thanks for the great question about waterfalls. As you say, there are countless waterfalls around the world, so when considering adding them as a Place entry, really look for what makes a given waterfall special or unique. Every waterfall is gorgeous, but there’s often just not a lot of context to each one. If you want to share your waterfall discoveries with the community, we actually have a thread collecting great waterfalls here:

There are like 5 that come to mind from Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais, Brazil, that I’ll add eventually once I’ve visited them all