Woodstock as it happened #xpnstock

I have just finished listening to Woodstock as it happened 50 years on. The day opened with Richie Havens and a 2 hour or so set that contained more songs than I have ever heard him play. Mostly you only hear his one song ‘Freedom’. He played several other tunes as well. The WXPN 88.5 FM - Public Radio Station at Univ. of Pennsylvania is streaming the entire 3 days as close to real time as possible. Joan Baez closed the night finishing at 1:45 AM Friday morning. I hope some of you find this presentation as awesome as I do.


Nobody seems to grasp the importance of this stream. You people may never be able to hear any significant episode of recent history like this again. With all the changes so rapidly overtaking America this slice of Americana stands in stark relief to the everyday monotony of political strife today. Remember, the Vietnam War was ongoing, racial tension was evident everywhere, people were not happy with government actions. Seem familiar?

Janis Joplin, may she rest in peace, is just now, and 50 years ago, giving her seminal performance at 2:00 in the morning in front of maybe half a million people who were on their own cosmic blues trip.

Is there no one who appreciates the significance of this historical moment?

Tune in to WXPN and listen to this unbelievable performance, please!

Have just archived this. THANK YOU !

Richie Havens was not supposed to open the festival but because of the traffic jam the opening acts (forgot who they were) weren’t able to make it on time. So they just went up to Richie and said ‘Can you play something until they get here?’. So he played for about 2+ hours! He had gone thru almost all the material he knew but they still needed one more song so he improvised ‘Freedom’ which, of course, was the perfect song to ‘start’ Woodstock, though it technically didn’t.

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