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Without having physically been there, it appears that the location mentioned in this article is the correct one. I found some contradictory information elsewhere a month ago, and I cannot relocate it at the moment. One article even suggested Wyntoon is in the Donner Lake vicinity. Odd.

06/13/20 - After “Secret - Abandoned Brothel” & Sierra Army Depot, it was pretty clear this was going to be a day of strikeouts. I actually had more hope of getting nearer to Sierra Army Depot than to Wyntoon. I had time on my hands, so I explored approaches from 3 cardinal directions here and encountered ~8 locked gates (I lost count). It is not uncommon for NFS roads to be gated, so whether these are from a logging company or other property owners, or whether the family bought up all the surrounding parcels of land…the closest I got was 6-8 miles. Nothing doing.

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