Zone Rouge

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I say use site for world mine clearing units to train & remove mines etc, Use todays sensors, ground radar & drones to map munitions alone.,
Do clean up each year with mine clearing units from US, UK, EU, Japan, China? Russia, for training & actual clean ups.
Or host contest to see who can clean the most mines, munitions from 1 area by teams.
Be a huge PR event for area.
Train mine clearing teams at same time.
& Local police SWAT units.
Use robotics?
De Mining teams would reside in Verdun & outlying areas.

Mine clearing team training
PR for area
Public sees teams in action,.
Use GPS, ground radar, metal detectors to scan for munitions.
Track artillary shells from archieve from German, French forces.
Done each year?
Seasonal use.
Day use NO night clearing mines.
Use remote video cameras to record clean up.
Educate at Verdun Fort in dwtn Verdun for Public on ride.
& vacation for de mining units to see rest of EU.